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We cut through all the information and deal with what matters most  to businesses and individual Canadian taxpayers; in particular, how much money you can keep in your pocket.



Personal Tax Returns

  • T4 and Commission Employees

  • Small Business Reporting

  • Rental Property Specialists

  • Students

  • Senior Specific Tax Planning

  • Second Look at Past Years’ Returns

  • Late Filing Assistance


Small Business

  • Bookkeeping

  • Payroll

  • WSIB, GST Reporting

  • Corporate Returns

  • Year-End Reporting

  • Business Growth Consultations


Life Events

  • Real Wealth Management

  • Retirement Tax Planning

  • Family Budgeting

  • Estate Returns

Small Business Solutions


At Millennium Tax Services, we can help you analyze current performance, establish realistic plans and budgets, set both financial and non-financial performance indicators and then monitor your progress. Whether it’s bookkeeping, payroll or financial statements, Millennium Tax Services will help you achieve your financial success.



Business Income Tax Returns


Tax planning is a 12 month process. That is why Millennium Tax Services offers a year round tax planning approach. Our system is designed to ensure that when it is time to file, your business is prepared. Keeping as much of your business's income in your business is what we do!  



Bookkeeping & Payroll Services


Every business owner needs help with bookkeeping whether you're just starting out or established. While you are busy running your business we will take care of your books.  Hired employees?  We provide customized payroll services as well.


Millennium Tax Services provides a range of bookkeeping packages. From custom bookkeeping to QuickBooks training we are your one stop bookkeeping experts.

Wealth & Cash Flow Management​


Taxation is the single largest cause of wealth erosion in Canada today. Taxation is also one element of wealth building that is often neglected. We believe that the planning for and preparation of your tax return should be an important part of your personal and professional wealth building/wealth retention plan. We work with a team of specialists, either your existing team or ours, to help you hold on to as much of your income as possible while growing, accumulating, and transitioning wealth.


Millennium Tax Services offers a wide range of solutions to help you streamline procedures, master your cash flow, and minimize your taxes as much as possible. Our small business solutions let you outsource the day to day frustrations so that you are freed up to do what you do best, run your business.


Better tax planning and stronger cash flow management means more of your money stays in your pocket.


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